Политика за защита на личните данни
Policy for personal data protection


The policy for personal data protection is intended to inform you how we process your personal data as an administrator and about your rights.

We are a sole limited liability company with the name Safety technics and systems, registered in the commercial register with EIC 130683873, registered under the value added tax law with BG130683873, based in Sofia, “Moderno predgradie” district, 31 “3020” str., email: office@sts-bulgaria.com.

Providing us with your information you trust us and this makes us to take full responsibility for lawful processing of the information.

We strive for transparency in the processing of your data. We have written our Policy for personal data protection in an accessible language, without too complicated phrases and containing enough information.

The most important thing is to make sure that you understand the information processed by us and what are your options.

This Policy for personal data protection takes effect from 25-th of May 2018.

1. Where this Policy for personal data protection is applied.

The Policy for personal data protection is applied to our website and the applications that we use to buy our products from us.

2. Information that we collect.

Personal data processed by “Safety technics and systems” on our website are: names, email, phone, address.

3. “Cookies” and other similar technologies for data collection.

To develop our website we use a platform on our site and therefore we use their “cookies” and similar technologies subjected to a strict policy in accordance with the new EU requirements.

“Cookies” are information stored in your browser or mobile application. They are used to store settings and IDs required for some of the services provided on the site. We use on the site "PHPSESSID". We attach a link with more information about this cookie: https://cookiepedia.co.uk/cookies/PHPSESSID.

4. How we use information.

We process your personal data on the following basis:

- Fulfillment of legal obligations, including fulfillment of obligations according to law for storage or providing of information by order of competent state or judicial authorities, when providing an opportunity for the competent state authorities to exercise control, when performing company’s legal obligations to inform you about different circumstances concerning your rights, the provided services or the protection of your data and other.

- Signing and realization of contracts for provision of company’s goods.

We process your information for the following purposes:

- According to your specific customer order, on sale, when preparing an offer or in response to your inquiry about the goods and services that we offer.

5. How we share information.

- With our service providers

We use third parties to help us operate and improve our services. These third parties help us with different tasks, including hosting and data support.

We follow a strict process of verification before engaging with a service provider or working with any partner.

- When it is required by law

- With your approval

We may ask your approval to share the information with third parties. In each case we will explain why we want to share your information.

6. Cross-border data transfers.

The company does not transfer data outside the European Union.

7. Your rights

You, as the data subject, have the right to exercise the rights below.

Before you have this opportunity, we have to identify you and we will perform your identification in our office.

The term specified in the Regulation for answering to your request is within 1 /one/ month, which we shall preserve, following the procedures that we have accepted.

You can apply your request in paper form – in our office and according to GDPR we shall inform you, in the manner specified by you, about the result from your request.

A list of your rights:

- The right at any time to withdraw your approval for processing of your personal data as required by the Regulation.

- The right to correct personal data – you may ask to correct your personal data if you think that there is a mistake in personal data collected for you.

- The right to access your personal data – you have the right to receive a confirmation whether we processed your personal data and if so to access them. Together with data we shall give you an access to the required information, described in Art.15, item 1 of the Regulation.

- The right to delete your personal data – you may want to be forgotten and we shall estimate whether the requirements of Art. 17 of the Regulation are fulfilled.

- The right to restrict processing – this means to mark stored personal data in order to restrict their processing in the future. If you wish to preserve your personal data without processing it, you may apply a request on this point.

- The right to transfer data – you may ask the collected personal data to be transmitted in a structured, widely used and machine readable manner. At the moment we are not able to transfer your data to another administrator.

- The right to object – you may object at any time the processing of your personal data, including profiling and direct marketing.

8. Correctness of information

The company is not responsible for the authenticity of the information you provide, in this sense does not verify and does not guarantee the actual identity of the individuals who provided the data. In all cases of doubt from your side, established deception and/or misuse, please let us know immediately.

9. How we protect your information

Considering the complexity of the problem we have focused on the following types of personal data protection – physical, personal, documentary and protection through automated information systems and networks.

10. How long we keep your information

We store your information as long as it is necessary for our legitimate interests or within the time limits specified in the legislation of the country. The term for storing of personal data: the period for which we shall store your personal data is within one year and after that the will be destroyed. The period for destruction of your data may be longer than one year in cases when it is required by the Bulgarian legislation.

Any future changes in the Policy for personal data protection will be posted on this page. Last updated on: 23-th of May 2018.

11. How to contact us

If you have questions about the Policy for personal data protection, please send an email to: office@sts-bulgaria.com.

Another way to contact us is by mail at the following address:

1360 Sofia, Moderno predgradie” district, 31 “3020” Str.